Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Thank You, Lord

Thank you God for letting me find: 
- My Shoes
- My Flazz
- My USB

God, You have never let me waste a lot of time for that, but You let me find them. That’s amazing.

My Shoes
I think I never asked You to help me find my shoes. I just wandered around. Or I forgot. But I knew, I don't have enough time to find out my shoes. It will be a kind of time-sucker and never-ending search. Tried to find at nearby place where shoes were gathered. But I couldn’t find. Several days before the conference started, they revealed by themselves. My mom said, she found these shoes out. Do they yours? I said, "Yes." I even have never asked my mom how and where she found my shoes. It is just amazing how God works through my shoes. 

My Flazz
Several days ago, I lose my flazz. I just said to God, “God please help me to find my flazz. I need it. Yes, I can buy a new card, but there are still enough money there. I don't want to waste some money to buy a new card. Is it just dropped anywhere I don't know? I wish it didn't.” I tried to find it in my bag and found nothing. I tried to find it in my desk, and found nothing. Suddenly I remember, maybe it was in my last jeans. And I found it. The glory is for you alone, God. Thank you for giving me such wisdom. 

I just found it by today. Actually, I realized my USB was not with me one week ago. But I have never put time to seriously searching for it. I just said to God, “God, please help me to find it. Give me wisdom. I need that USB, it stores a lot of photos of mine.” At that time, I realized that my phone internal memory was full and usually I put all the photos into my USB. I have searched in my pencil case last time and got nothing. And I try it again today. The result is still the same. I tried to find in my “at-home”pencil case, because usually the unnecessary thing (for temporary), I will put it inside my “at-home” pencil case. I got nothing. 

Suddenly, I am interested to see my make-up box. It was a transparent one. So I just looked at the very bottom of the box from outside and I saw the shadow of my USB there. Wow, it's amazing I just got it within maybe not more than 2 minutes. I don’t even remember that I have put my USB in my make-up box. This is what I have never ever did before. I just got a feeling, “Maybe it’s here." Because I remember, before I went to Bali, I left that USB somewhere at home, because I probably didn't need it during the holiday. Thanks God. I didn’t need to put a lot of effort for this search, like I didn't even removing all the things in that make-up box. I didn't need to spend a lot of time to find it. I found it elegantly, effectively, and efficiently. That’s God’s work. To God be the glory. 

As I write this article, I just sad. Sad because suddenly, I feel unwanted. People seem forget about me. I just left behind. Even though that I am in the middle of crowd, I feel so lonely. I just lost my best friend because we can’t be friend anymore (at least for now). We should make a distance between us until... I don't know. Maybe until time will make it normal again. It seems like people are go away from me. I don’t get a good response from another friend.  The condition is like, “This is only me who tries to hold this friendship, not us.” I feel sad. More than that, I suddenly feel unwanted. 

Thank you, God. By hearing me my little prayer about USB and You let me find it today, it’s really a big encouragement. This is what I hear more than just finding my lost USB, “Helen, I am here with you. I am listening to you. You shouldn’t feel that you are unwanted. I love you so much.” Writing this very last part, I cry, amazed by your sincere love for me. Thank you Lord, for loving me more than I deserve. I love You too so much. 

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