Monday, December 25, 2017

God hears you

Lately, I have such a lot of experience with God. Most of the time, I feel so lazy to write them down while it is still "hot". Then, other experience comes and adds my experience with God. But today, let me to share one of them.

I often pray to God, that I want to have more experience with You because I am not a sensitive person. I can hardly feel that You are God, here with me. Therefore I pray, "Let me have more experience with You, so I can feel close to You, knowing that You are personally exist to me, here by my side."

So, one day, when I have finished my day at my office Allianz Tower. I had nobody to talk at night. For me, my day has to be productive. I have to share about income protection to as many people as I know. But, usually I start with the people I know. That day, I didn’t find anyone to talk about the insurance. I didn't want to go right to my home. But I felt like, I still wanted to spend some time talking with the people Then I contacted two of my friends. One of them was not available, because she was in the cinema. She was going to watch the movie. The other one had no answer when I called her. Later on, she messaged me and said that she was ironing the clothes. Because none of that two that was available at that time, I decided to just eat alone and then went directly to the printing hub. I still remember, I just said in my heart, God, can you please just help me to find someone to eat together with me and talk a little bit. Actually I was okay to eat alone. That is my habit since my work is highly mobile in insurance company. I am accustomed to eat alone.But, that day, I just want to have somebody to accompany me to have a dinner. 

After I arrived at my destination Transjakarta shelter, I went up the stairs and suddenly I saw a bag that I know. I thought it must me my friend because I recognize her bag. Then I called her came. 

I asked her, “Where are you going?”
“I went to my rent room.” 
“Oh I see.” I continued.
“And you, what are going to do here?” She asked me.
I replied, “I want to eat. Do you want to eat together?”
“Yes.  Let’s go.”

That was a simple conversation but I know that was the answer of my little prayer to God. I just can’t stop thank God. I just said that time, “How if I seriously pray everyday? There’s must be something bigger happens. If a little pray that I said to God, He hears me, moreover if I pray to Him everyday. I am sure He must be listening to me to all of my prayers that I have raised. I am sure that He listens even though today I haven’t see the answer. But I know, it’s a nonsense that God doesn’t hear what I asked from Him through my prayer. God hears every of my prayer. Maybe He just wants me to be patient before I see the result.” This little phenomenon reminds me that He is God, listens to me. 

I learnt another thing. Sometimes God’s answer is still raw, you have to do something to make it happen. Just when you see the sign, come and grab it. I have to chase God’s answer. God doesn’t send me someone that suddenly asked me to eat together that night. He gave me just a sight of my friend’s bag. I still need to process it: call her (to make sure that she is her, not other people), open up the conversation, and then asked her to accompany me to eat. If I just let her go (never call her name and ask her to eat with me), maybe I will never have a friend to accompany me to eat that night. God’s answer doesn’t always come in the form that we want it, in the right form, something that we don’t need to process. As we see the sign, we have to do something, chase and grab it.

How many people today wish for the God’s answer come exactly they want it? The unprocessed one, the ripe one. They want to see something exactly the same they wish to see. As wee see the raw one, we say that this is not God’s answer. Through this experience, I saw that God’s answer has to be chased when wee saw the sign. We have to do something before it became something that we really want to see. 

I thank to God for every experience that I have with You. I can share it to everyone and I hope my experience could be encouraging to everyone that are praying and still waiting for the answer. Keep on praying because God hears you. 

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