Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Mood

I write this article yesterday (25 Dec 2017), but because the internet was not working yesterday, I just post it today.

Today I feel a little bit boring. I spend almost half of the day with my mom and dad, doing the mommy and daddy sitting. They still do some quarrel, a little bit quarrel here and there. I am just bored, I wish I can have a quiet Christmas without any quarrel. My little sister went to Jogja. My younger sister goes on a date. Then who will take care of my family in this holiday? Me? Yes, of course. Who else then? 

I don’t think like I was given such a heavy burden to take care my parents in this Christmas day. I don’t say that I don’t enjoy my time with my family. Sometimes, I just wish I can have a different way to celebrate Christmas. I envy my friend that went to Bali while I am not going anywhere because I still have some target to achieve. I envy people who celebrate Christmas with their couples while currently I don’t have any couple. I just bit a little bit boring and I need someone to talk to.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Then I send a whatsapp message to a crazy friend of mine, who is the same crazy like me. I just call her name and before I read her reply, she has already called me. She asked me why. I just laughed when she called. Just hear her crazy voice I know it would be funny. I say I am boring. I was left with my mom and dad (I thank God that I still have them, but somehow I just wish for a something different) and need to take care of them with their quarrel included. This is not the way I want to celebrate this Christmas. We just laugh at anything and make a crazy plan for next year. I said to her that she must learn to play guitar so that next year we can record ourselves and we can perform at Youtube.

That was a simple call. I don’t think it was more than 10 minutes. But that’s really encourages me and makes me happy. God knows exactly how to make me happy again. God knows the desire of my heart even though I don’t say anything. I sang a song before she called me. I praise Jesus and say that You are my desire, no one else will do, and nothing else could take your place.

Dear God, I am sorry for every sin that I made. I know that I have hurt your heart so much. I try hard to kill all of my sin that made You sad. Thank you God for giving and loving me more that I deserve. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for coming to the world to save my life. Merry Christmas.

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