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Several weeks ago, our servant bring a lesson about time. I found it a very good, very real, true, introspective, yet also very deep.

He defined TIME as below:
T: Treasure
I : Invest
M : Manage
E : Enjoy

Time - Treasure
Time is a treasure. It is a gift. It' not even yours. You can't create time, you can't save time. Because every one is given the exact time per day: 24 hours a day, 86.400 seconds per day. You can add even 1 second to your day. You are not the owner of your time. It is the gift from God. If God says that your time in this world is over, it's over. You can negotiate and pursue God to give you more time.

What do you do with the treasure you have been given? Life is too short to live just your own small world and don't care about the other. We all will die someday. What they will talk about you and remember about you depends on how you spend your time in your life.

Time - Invest

I give you a parable about time. It's like when you wake up, you are given $ 86,400 dollars into your bank account and at the end of the end, it is drawn back from you. Every day at 24.00 it's gone from your account. You observe about this and find out that it happens daily. What will you do? Spend the money as much as possible?

The Chinese proverb said that time is money. This proverb try to say how valuable the money is. But, that is not exactly correct. Time is not money, time is your time. Because our existence in the world is measure by time.

Job 14:5 (WEB) Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months is with you, and you have appointed his bounds that he can't pass;

The only answer cross my mind about $86,400 per day is to spend the whole money I have because tomorrow will be given another the same value amount of money.

The smarter answer is to invest it. I am impressed by this answer. He said that invest your time to do the right things, to do what Jesus want us to do, to help people, to to the kindness, to encourage people, and many other positive things. You know that our time in our life is limited. Everybody will die. But, if you invest your time, you will live forever. God will give you His Kingdom and there we will have the eternal life.

Time - Manage

Ephesians 5:15-17 (WEB)
15 Therefore watch carefully how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise;
16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
17 Therefore don't be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

How do you use your time? This life is so evil. People care with the people who don't even care about them. People care how many "like" they have in the social media. They care about how people will say about them in social media. They care about the people who doesn't know about them at all.

People are too busy. What are you busy about? You put the sign "do not disturb" in the wrong peole. You put "do not disturb" to God, to your family, to the people you love. How do you manage your time?

Smart people know how to focus their time. Focus to God, invest time for the eternity. They spend their time wisely and say no to the useless thing. If you focus your time for a purpose, the result will be different. We live not by chance, but on the purpose of God. Remember, this time is not yours, someday you will asked by the Time Giver about how responsible you have used your time.

Time - Enjoy
If you have to invest your time wisely, enjoy every part of your life. Enjoy the learning process, enjoy your time with the family, and enjoy the time you have been given.

Lesson brought by: Harliem
Rewritten by: Helen

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