Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why are you always waiting?

It has been so tired lately. Working and doing the design course drags my energy a lot. Yesterday, I take the advice of my friend seriously and now I decide to give a little time for the blog.

I just want to share a simple quote.

Yes, why are you always waiting? No one can guarantee tomorrow. It's not mine and yours. It's God's.  Does God promise you tomorrow? No, we are only given today. Our breath of tomorrow is only by God's grace. 

We have the freedom just like the fish in the water. It can swim anywhere they want, but still in the water. Outside the water, there is no life. We will get into the trouble. In my belief, as long as you obey the God's rules, do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be. Outside the God's rule, you'll come to a "death".

So do, say, and be what you're going to do, say, and be as long as you're doing right. Just follow the rule and do the truth. Do not spend a lot of time of waiting without doing anything. Do somethimg today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. 


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