Saturday, April 18, 2015


I love to share and motivate person. There's a time sometimes, I wish I could be a motivator. But now I am a perfect role model. I am still live in chaos and often lose my focus. Maybe it;s because I have such a lot of things to do and to achieve. 

But, I always love to share what I thought. Sharing doesn't make me poor. On the other hand, it makes me richer and deeper in what I believe in. 

This is what I want to share to do today. 

As a human, it's common and usual to be afraid. But do  not let your fright stop your step. 

I also afraid of a lot of thing. My biggest fright always come even before I start anything. I think a lot, think of the risk that I need to face. But as I take it, sometimes it's not as difficult as it seems. So, do not let your fright stop your very first step and also the other next step. 

Be creative. Be brave & bold. Do not afraid to fall. 

Let's do our life in bravery :) 

Have a nice day ^^, 

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