Friday, December 12, 2014

Review November

Review November

I always want to do this, from the first month of 2014. But I have never done it until today. It also already too late. I should have done it by 1 December, but I don't have such enough time to do it. So, I'd better do it now than never.

I want to review about November. What has happened in November?

1. Finish reading " I am a fashion designer."
Finally I finished reading that book. I usually take a long time just to finish one book because I just read it during my way to work or the opposite. With a lot of effort reading during the traffic and and waiting for the bus, finally I finish reading this one.

2. Start my new life, working and learning design.
What a tough and tiring life. I am so happy, afraid, tired, enthusiastic, clumsy, and all my feeling come up together. But I can't wait to be able to design and make my own creature.

3. Having a quarrel with my colleague.
It's a stupid mistake. I have done wrong. But I learn from my mistake. Thank you God, I could learn something so precious that help me to live in a better way.

4. Went to Hello Fest
Wow. That was a unique, quirky, and inspirational place. The place was cool. People came there mostly with cos-play. I don't really enjoy the fest because it's not my type. It's too anime. I went there because my sister asked me to go with. Just thankful that I am not spend too much money since it's not my type.

5. Having a deep talk with my sisters at church.
It was a really nice and quality time. We can talk heart to heart and encourage each other.

6. Help my friend's wedding.
Me and my sister helped our friend's marriage (reception). We helped them to decorate the table with their photos. That was a new and crazy experience. I took the the petals from the nearby building and use them to decorate the table. So, I take a little time just to drag the flowers from the tree. We do it in a hurry because we have so limited time. But, I am so thankful that everything has gone out well.

7. Bring my camera to service center.
Finally, after several years, I brought my camera to the service center but I end up with the decision that I don't want to fix it. The fee was too expensive. I bought it 2.2 million and the service charge was 2.35 million. I'd better buy a new one, hahaha...

8. Finish my PB1 class.
I joined the class in my church. My attendance was poor. I have to deal with a lot of things after Sunday service, but at least finished what I have started.

9. Help my friends meet and talk to new friends.
It might sounds weird. But I am happy that I did it. I help my friends to meet new people and help set them time to meet. I help them to get known each other.

10. Bring my printer to service center.
I don't fix it but I start it to be fixed. That printer has been broken for such a long time and no one want to make some effort at home bring the printer to the service center. So I need to do it. I brought it and the service center already closed. I brought it back home. Several days later, my sister continued what I have been started and get it finished. Yuhuuuu... Now my printer is functioned well.

That's what I have done in November. I am happy that I did what I should do. Some were not achieved yet and some I get them done. How about you? What's your story in November ? :)

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