Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eternal Thing

Hellooooowwwww, how's your day today? I hope everything is fine and going to be fine =)

I just want to write a little bit to close this day. 

Today I would like to write about God, Jesus. 

What cross your mind when I said this? Disappointed? Disaggre? Or anythng else? Or maybe you might think that I am too religious or fanatic. It's okay. Everyone's feeling is always valid. But I wish you 're still reading my post until finish whatever you think about me =) Because what I am going to say is really important.

But why? Why I need to talk about Jesus?

Because nothing in this world is eternal, except Jesus and your relationship with Jesus. 

What can you bring with when your dead? Your money? Your boots? Your cropped tee? Your laptop/tab? Your make up? Smartphone? Or family? Nothing you can bring. Right? 

And for sure, there will be another life after our life in this earth. Check the bible, God promises that. Do not think that life will end up when you're dead and then today you can mercy and life in a hedonism way and whatever way/style you like. God provided us heaven and hell for our another life. Where you belong to depends on what you invest during your current life.   

So, I just want to remind... Invest! Not only what's valid on the earth, but also for your future life. Don't just invest a house in the earth, but invest a house for a eternal house in heaven. How? Read the bible and do it. Make a good relationship with God and people. Be like Him, not devil. 

Currently, I am investing a life & a place for my future life. I know it's not easy at all. But I know it will be worth it. And I won't pawn it with whatever in this life.

At the end, only your relationship in God that will valid in the judgement day (Jesus' day). God will not ask how much money you have, how modern your smartphone, at which level your candy crush now (or any other game), from which university that you graduated, how many title that you have, or anything about the world topic. 

But God will ask. What you have done for me? 

Then, what would you going to say? 

You still have time to invest and to prepare what you're going to say in Jesus' day. 

Maybe it's a hard and too serious reflection for this late night. But, I really wish you get the point. You can then read back tomorrow with a clearer mind, rethink, and even investigate more about this truth.

Thank you for keep reading until now =D

Good night. Have a nice sleep and a wonderful tomorrow. 

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