Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Batik Is in The Air

Indonesia is very rich and strong in culture. I don't think that any other country has so many culture like Indonesia. One of Indonesian product that I adore because of its strong culture is Batik. Batik has a lot of variety of pattern and it represents Indonesia's beauty and diversity.

I love to wear Batik in formal occasion.The one that use batik is just adorable and elegant. That is why I love batik. I have a dream that someday I have a boutique that collects Batik from any kinds of pattern and style. Then I will export them and the world will know and proudly wear Batik. What a dream! Hahahaha...

This is my photo wearing Batik on my friend's marriage :)  I am the only one that wear Batik. Really, I am so proud standing in Batik while others choose to wear Western-style dress.

I think I would like to add my Batik collection. Then I searching around on internet and find out this one. Oh.. How I love that stuff. I love the Batik flat shoes and the bags. The pattern is not commonly sold in the market and the color-pattern combination is just well-suited. I love the bags because they look simple, but a little touch of Batik make it so adorable.

I am not an online-buyer actually. Therefore I asked my friends who loves to buy from online. She said that the quality of Zalora's product is good and satisfying. The size is trustable. She even owned some of Zalora's vouchers and would like to share the voucher with me. But I refuse because I know she will be need it.

Hmm, some of them will be in my wishlist. I really wish next year I will have more Batik stuff and wear them more often.

How about you? How do like like this original product of Indonesia?

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