Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm gonna thank for...

There are a lot of things that you can thanks for everyday. Today, I'm going to write about one thing that precious and important for me. One simple thing that help me go through my days. You must be surprised of what I am going to write. It's not about make up, gadget, good foods, or whatever beautiful thing that you might thinking about.

It's about P20 bus.

It's a public transportation in Jakarta. The fare is so cheap. It's only Rp. 3,000 and this bus will help you reach Lebak Bulus from Senen or the other way. I can explain how far it is, but it may take time about 2 hours to reach Lebak Bulus from Senen and the opposite.

I will tell you how precious this transportation for me. I start to think how my life going to be without P20. I work at Kuningan from Monday-Friday dan also Saturday (once a month). My church is in Kuningan. Just several building away from my workplace. My house is near Senen. And p20 is just bring me from Senen to Kuningan without any transit. I just need to sit nicely (or sometimes/often hang up in crowd), sleep, read books, or just look around and it brings me exactly in front of my office. I don't need to transit. I just say to the co-bus driver that I want to stop here. So, can you imagine my life without p20? I need it almost everyday. I proudly say that, "It's my car. I am picked by p20 everyday." 

P20 is just amazing. They go through the traffic jam everyday. They bring me to office everyday. They pick me up to home everyday. They are there even in the emergency situation, like a big demo or even flood. It's so cheap and sometimes (if you 'lucky') you can also boost your adrenaline with the zig zag and no-rule driving style.

Some international tourist come to Jakarta and they really want to try these kind of transportation: Kopaja (the category of bus like p20) and bajaj. They want to feel the "adventure" in Kopaja and feel the uniqueness of taking bajaj. That must be sounds weird for Jakarta's citizen. But foreigners might think the other way.

What about you? What kind of transportation that you want to thanks for?

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