Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why do you keep on writing, bloggers?

Sometimes I wonder. There are a lot of people keep on updating their blog and keep on sharing. Why do they share? There’s must be a strong reason since you are not paid at all when we’re writing our blog. Those who read your blog are also not charged. And sometimes, we don’t know who read it and who even get benefit from our blog (such as: information, knowledge, skill, inspiration, etc). And they got it for free.  It’s not commercial.

I still remember what my lecturer said to me several years ago. He said that, life is too pity not to left any writing of ours. We need to leave some inheritance through writing. I am so inspired by what he said. Yes, I think it’s true. We need to share our thought through writing.

I have my own reasons why I keep on writing without being paid in my blog. I want to share knowledge, experience, and the truth. I will tell what I feel it’s going to be useful. Besides that, I want to have a powerful writing, such as to persuade, to convince, to criticize, to inspire, to awaken people, to bring advice, to reprimand people, to turn things wrong to right, to teach people, and to give some influence to the world.

Sometimes I just want to share about my experience and how I feel. Sometimes I just want to have some chit chat, and to tell the people who I am. Sometimes I just want people that read my story keep (watch) my promise to myself, so that someday the written wishes can come true. And you’ll be my witness too.

Sometimes I feel my writing is so light, but sometimes it’s really too hard for people to admit it. However, it’s okay. I just want to share anything that I think it is worth to share. Sometimes I just want to scold on my blog, but I pretend to do it, because my blog is not my bin. I will back to my belief, destiny, and the reasons why I made this blog and keep on writing on it.

I might be a small drop in the ocean that tries to make things better and to change the world. But, well, it’s a part of my dream and the most important thing, it brings me joy and keep me energized.  Let’s make it true! And I am sure I can do it =)
And if you have the same dream, I am sure you can do too!

So, what about you? Why do you keep on writing?

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