Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You are what you think

You are what you think. Anyone agree?

If you are thinking in a positive way, then you'll become a positive person. And the good things (just like what you think) will happen.
If you think of yourself so negative, then you'll be a negative one.

Let's say: if you think you're stupid, then somehow you'll see how stupid you are. You'll agree that you are stupid. You make your own statement and you make it true.

But if you give yourself a positive words, your brain will help you to make it true.

If you say you are beautiful, then you'll see yourself as a beautiful one.
Even that you're not really that pretty, just keep on saying to yourself: you are so beautiful. Because it will help you to see how beautiful you are. It's not impossible too that you and also other people can see that you're getting more and more beautiful.

Do you get my point?

What kind of words that you mostly say to yourself?
The positive one? Or the negative one?

Whatever you think you are, you are right =)

Have a nice day ^^,

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