Friday, June 13, 2014

Anyer's Beauty

I should already post about this topic. But I don't have enough time lately to write on my blog. And sometimes I don't know what to write because anything was so outdated since I postpone my writing.

I just want to share a little bit of Indonesia's beauty. This beautiful place is located on the west of Java Island. We call it Anyer. It's not too far away from Jakarta. It took about 2-3 hours from Jakarta by car. For you, Jakarta's citizen, you have an additional benefit. You don't have to spend much money on transportation. It's not like Bali that located far away from Jakarta.

I was there on April, from 18-20 April. I went there for retreat with my brothers & sisters. Some went by buses, and some with the our own car. We stay in Villa Marina Anyer. Below you can see the view. We really enjoy the time there. Good time, good foods, good accommodation, perfect weather, and of course good sharing. =)

The beach is magnificent. It has not been reached by too many people. It's not like Bali which had been 'touched' by many tourism. I like both the blue sky and the blue sea.

Let's enjoy the Anyer's beauty.

Note: This picture was raw published. I mean, I don't edit it with any photo editor programs. So,if you think it's beautiful, it's really beautiful. Not because of expert technique in editing =P

Shiny Water

Beautiful Sea

We see the rainbow early in the morning =)

Beautiful Sunset

For you who lives in Jakarta area, maybe you can choose Anyer as your holiday choice. I am sorry that I don't know about the price, because the church has arranged for anything. Hehehe... Maybe if you want to know more details, you can browse "Villa Marina Anyer". Besides Villa Marina Anyer, there are a lot of villa, hotel, or any types of accommodation there. They located along the street. You can choose one that suitable to your needs and budget. 

For you who doesn't live in Indonesia, maybe you can set time to visit my country. There are a lot of good foods there and beautiful places to see. It's also not so expensive. The living cost here is cheaper than in Europe, US, and Australia. There are so many beautiful beaches in Indonesia, for Indonesia is so well known as an archipelago country. You can discover the their beauty and also get a new underwater experience. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a nice weekend too everyone =)
GBU =)

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