Saturday, May 17, 2014

What you can't see doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

What you can't see doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I know what you think since the first time you see this title. If I may guess, you must be thinking that I'm going to talk about ghost or something similar to it. Hahahaha... Calm down, I am not going to talk about ghost and its friends at midnight. I don't even want to talk about it, since I am not have enough courage imagine or writing about that one. 

So, what am I going to share? It's as simple as a bus. Hahaha... You must be thinking that I am kidding. No, I am not. In Indonesia, people say it as busway for the bus. Actually it's a bus that follows the special track, and the track is called busway. I don't know why people in Indonesia keep mention it as busway for the bus. It's actually Bus Transjakarta because it serves the transportation for Jakarta-.-. Okay, I am not going to complain about the name because that is not my point. 

This Transjakarta Bus is rather unique. Unlike the transportation in the developed country which has a specific time when they will be arrive, Transjakarta Bus doesn't have it at all. No one knows when the next bus will be coming. It can be just now, 1 minutes later, 2 minutes later, 30 minutes later, or even 1 hour later. It's only God knows. I don't even think the driver could estimate when it will be arrive at a certain station, because the bus track sometimes is not sterile. The cars, traffic, and train could retain the bus longer at the street and come late to the station. It's so unique right? Sometimes (actually it's not sometimes but mostly) I hate to go with this bus, because I don't know how long should I wait for the bus. No one knows the schedule. No one knows when it comes. You really have to wait by faith, not by sight. LOL. If you're lucky, the bus come fast, you don't need to stand or queue in the crowd for minutes or hours. But if you're not lucky, congratulation and celebration, you have to wait clueless. *dear goverment, please listen to my shout, you have to get this problem finished soon*

But nowadays I have find a new trick so that I don't need to wait too long at the station. As I reach the station, I will be in a rush. Whether I can't see that the bus is there, I will run or at least walk in a rush so that I will be in the front line on the queue. I don't want to be at the back line. That is why I walk fast on the platform, so that if the bus is coming, I am not late. I have been in the platform and ready to go into the bus. Do you get my point?

Mostly I do this trick, especially when I don't have much time to spend on the transportation. And it works. If I am not at the front line, at least I am not at the back, because I walk over them so I am several people ahead. Even if I don't see any clue that the bus is coming, I am always in a rush. Because I don't. Even I don't see it at that time, it doesn't mean that the bus does not exist. It exists. It will come. For sure. Do you get my point? I am just afraid that you don't get my point because my English is not good enough. 

Then, what is my point? I want to talk about Jesus. This is similar with the bus's presence. Even tough today you can't see Him. It doesn't mean that He is not exist. You need to always be 'in a rush' for you don't know when He is coming. Make sure that when He is coming, You are already in the queue and ready to enter the Heaven's door and you're not late. If late, maybe He will say "You're late. You can't come in."

What I mean by "in a rush"? In a rush to chase the holiness, to do His will, to chase the righteous, and to always be in faith and loyal. Don't even leave the queue because you think that the bus will not coming. Do not leave Jesus just because you think that He is not exist and you're already wait too long and it's just spending your time. It will be worth it dear. 

Don't be late, because when the bus is coming, it will not going to wait for you. It will just take the ones who are patiently wait there and who are already at the line. But Jesus is not 100% just like the bus. When you late for a bus, the next will come. You just need to wait patiently until the next one. But Jesus will only come once. Once you late, it's over. No second chance. You're just too late to realize that He will come at His time. 

I hope you understand what I mean and get my point. I don't mean to scare anyone. But it's true and it's going to be happen. Sorry if you're not so convenient with my 'limited' English. 

Have a nice day everyone =) GBU

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