Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Beautiful Italia

Several days ago I watched the European Film from Europe on Screen, a film festival that played the European film. The festival was only one week, but about more thann 20 films were played in different places, such as Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Goethe Haus, Ersmus Huis, Institut Francais, etc. I just have the opportunity to watch one film, because I can't watch on weekdays because I have been so tired. 

I watched "Love is all you need". The film is usual, not really amazing and not bad either. I don't even notice that the film come to an end at the latest scene. I thought it must not be the end. I feel a little bit disappointed that the message is as short as that and I don't feel the climax of the film. But, it's not my film, so just accept it as it is. No need to complain a lot. 

However, I am so amazed by the view. It's in Italia. The view is really great. The lake or sea (I don't really know) it's amazing. The film took the lemon field as the most scene. It's soooooo beautiful. It's all yellow and green everyone. I want to bring my basket and grab them all. 

Then I flashback the memory in Italia several years ago. I really miss the beautiful city, the great view, the old building, the fresh air (free from traffic jam), and the good time. Oh... I really miss it.

Then I let myself sinking in my past. Finding these pictures and get lost. Having a little bit daydream. 

What a beautiful Italia!

Have a nice day =)

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