Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My B'day ^^,

It's been more than a week I don't write on my blog. I woonder what I am going to write. It doesn't mean I don't have any story to write. But I just can't choose of what should I write. 

Okay, just let's talk about yesterday. 

Yesterday was my birthday. Previously I talked to my sister that I want to skip this birthday, so I can stay on my age and not getting old. What a strange thought! Even if I want to skip my birthday, my age will still add 1 year to my age. 

I was so happy. I got 3 cakes yesterday. I could not attach the pictures here because my BB is stupid. I can't connect it with my computer even through the data cable. Now I'm thinking of how could I transfer my data to computer. 

The first cake was from my colleague. They give me a small cake but so delicious. My boss was also there and we take a little time to celebrate my birthday. My boss asked me about my wish. 

When I was thinking of what I should say, my boss said to me: "I wish to have a good boyfriend. " Hahahhaa... I just nodded. 

Then she continued, "I could work well and make my family proud of me." I nodded to. 

Then I wondered. "This is my birthday, why did she make a wish for me?" But it's a good wish. So, again I accept it. 

Then I continued. "I still want to be a designer. " Then my boss continued, "But first, be a menu designer. " Hahahaha... I think she is the one who wants me still in my track (in food tech area). And she wants me to finish the menu. 

"I wish my mom and dad is rubbing along with each other. And I wish that they can be Christian one day."
"I wish my friends want to study Bible and baptized."
"I wish me and my family are always healthy."

Those are my wish-list. 

On the evening, my leader BBM me and says that she wants to have a dinner with me. She wants to come to my office and eat together. She met me at the lobby of my office and brought me a cake. She came from Cikarang to Kuningan just to bring me the cake and say some "happy birthday" to me. She lives in West Jakarta near Season City, and she still took time to Kuningan before going home. She asked me about my wishes and I answered just like I have said before in my office.  I was so touched by what she had done. I feel so appreciated and I really appreciate her.I forget to take any pictures. *regret*. But it's okay. The memory is still on my heart. Hehehehe... 

The last cake was from my sister. We had dinner yesterday in a restaurant in Sunter with my ex-course student. Now he is taught by my sister. The naughty one. Hahahha... I was happy to see him because I can touch his tummy and I could tickle him. Hahahaha...

I feel so blessed with the people around me. I thank God for that day. I thank God for the good friends surrounds me. My now I am one year older and I am getting old and feeling. Huhuhu.. That's not a good news. However, I thank for the chance of being one year older. Because God still give me the chance to breathe and to live. It means that I have to do more before my live is over. 

My happiness is not ended there. Today is holiday in Indonesia. I could sleep a little bit longer than usual. A time to sleep is one of the best present for me. And it's raining now. The weather is really comfortable. Staying at home. Sleeping. Blogging. Oooohh... Perfect! =D

Have a nice day everyone ^^, 

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