Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips to Fight Stress

I feel a little bit happy today because I arrive at home at 09.30 pm. It's about 30 minutes earlier so I have more time to do other things. The work makes me really busy. The work really spend almost my whole time and I have so limited "me time". I hate this condition, but I try to enjoy it, but pretend myself from being complacent. I am quite happy because finally I have a little bit time to take care of my blog, to write something here and share something.

Actually, I really want to share about my stress, my difficulty during my work, and my unpleasant colleague. But, I pretend to do it. Because I want to have a positive blog, so I better to write something that positive. Though I really need someone to talk to.

Because currently I am still searching a way to face the stress (and some works well), I will give you some ideas to fight stress. Here they are:

1. Pray
I will take time to pray during my stress, because it makes me feel better although nothing changes right away. It helps me to feel comfortable. When I pray, I know that I'm not alone. God is be with me and I know with whom I walk. It gives me peace from within. And sometimes good things does happen. If not, I become stronger.

 2. Forget it
Just forget it. Practically, it's not easy. Forget something that unpleasant to us is not an easy thing, but we can try to switch our mind to other things that give us more fun. We can do a lot of things that help us to forget that worry, such as playing games, sleeping, listening to the radio, and singing in your room. That is what I am doing today. I am looking for inspiration from other's blog and have fun with my blog. I am singing just like I am doing karaoke in my room. I just want to have time for myself. I know that tomorrow I will face the same things again. But not this night. When the work-time is over then I will try to forget anything about it.

3. Solve the problems.
I am not a person that could easily feel calm and relax even though I am trying to forget the problem by switching my attention into other things. Currently, I am searching for a better job. I apply for other jobs after work. I get connected with my best friends and share my feeling with them. Searching for inspiration, searching for ideas, and searching for advice. Just do something that solve the problems. After that, I will feel much better. I feel that I have do something and it's time for me to wait. Wait for my actions can be harvested. I love this feeling because I feel some peace in my heart.

Maybe that's all that I can share. Hopefully it can be applied during stress and works.

Have a nice day =)

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