Sunday, March 16, 2014

Share your feeling =)

Hi... It's been such a long time I have not post my writing. So, let me give some reasons why. These new year is so challenging for me. I have to face such a hard work, long-hour work, and a lot of stress. My head gets overload and I have to struggle every Monday-Friday. Actually, I am supposed to come on Saturday too. But I refuse to do it. So, I stay at home doing other things that brings me more fun.

These days, because I feel so overloaded, I talk personally with my friends. I am searching for advice and inspiration. I thank God that they really care at me. They share their thoughts which is very useful to me. I have a great time with them and now I feel so much better. 

Tomorrow is Monday (again). I really hate that I have to face it. I really hate that weekend passed by so fast and I need to face the long office hour. I wish I could get a better and more fun job as soon as possible. I have applied to some company and hopefully I get a good answer.

I think that's all about my chit-chat. I don't want anyone who read this post feel so depressed like I feel. I don't want to make you hate Monday more than you do now. 

I want to share that if you feel some burden, if you need a help, go and find the person you believe. Share what you feel. Talk to them. Go for some advice. Ask for ideas and inspiration. That's make you feel better. I am so thankful that I am surrounded by the people who really cares at me. They don't mind to give their time for me, listen to me, and encourage me. I think this is what friends are for. True friends will there for you not only in the good times. But they are there to support you during the difficult times too. 

I am still wondering why time flies so fast on weekend. I need to prepare my health, my heart, my soul, and my energy for another challenging week. I wish these difficult days will end soon. 

Semangat. Jia you. Ganbatte. Toi Toi Toi. 


Happy Sunday =)
Wish you a great Sunday night!

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