Friday, November 15, 2013

God is For Real

There is a time in my life (because I’m so moody and feel so flat), I thought that God is not exist.

But, today, I hear such a simple explanation that make me (at least) feel better and successfully to remove this doubt.

My senior told me about a simple thing. Ask a person to create a plant. Not from the seeds. Pure from your experiment (by mixing and combining chemicals or anything in the laboratory). Can people do it? Or ask them to create a human. Not from the sperm and ovum... Of course! Chemically engineered. Are the scientists able to do that?

And based on the reality that happens now, no one can do it. People can create any modern and sophisticated gadget, but until today (2013-a post modern era), no one is able to make it. And this simple explanation touch me so deeply. It’s impossible that there is no power that create and maintain this world. There should be a super power energy that make this nature all in balance. And that Man is God.

Sometimes, it may be hard to understand and feel God who is unseen. But, if you see this world, if you see how this world run in balance and in order (there is gravitation, galaxy, orbit, people, plants, water, seasons, day, night, and all the things), this is a proof that there is something more than just the human power. There is God that work in a highly order, so detail-oriented, and amazing way. The One who’s not only able to create, but maintain his creature in order based on His goodwill.

So, if sometimes you feel like me and ask the same question like me (in the deepest of your heart), you may look up and ask yourself a question, “Can people make a plant? Can people create a new human by doing experience in laboratory?” And if you realize that the answer is “no”, then believe in God, who has more power than human being. Someone who could so everything, more than the human can do. Trust that He is for real.

Have a nice weekend =)

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