Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Very Inspiring yet Romantic Love Story

Today, I was really inspired by this writting. I thank to the writer (Nelly) who has shared this wonderful story.

This is only the part one, but once I read, I can't stop 'till I finish the last chapter. It's even more romantic and  tenser than any other love story. You'll see how God is the best cupid ever. The never give-up cupid. The best mak comblang ever =P.

I spend some of my time reading her blog. But, it is really worth reading..

I don't think I should talk much about this story. Just get into the story and feel how God works wonderfully in His own way and in his perfect time.

After reading this blog, I just think of to pray more, to believe more in God. To love God deeper. I also want to be able to hear His voice and patiently and faithfully stay on His track. And let God do His best in my life.

Happy reading everyone!

Have a blessed day! =)

GBU ^^,

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