Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why Complicate Life?

"Why Complicate Life" Quote =)

To be honest, I really agree with this quote. If I have 10 thumbs, then I would like to give this quote 10 thumbs for 10 likes. Why? Sometimes we should agree that our life is that complicated because we make it so complicated. Many misunderstanding happens because they thought their friends, relatives, siblings, parents, and girlfriend/boyfriend were just like God who knows everything. Some of them are too shy to show their feeling. But, I think that it’s a kind of a little bit stupid to be so shy nowadays when everything is so transparent and independent.

Yes, it’s better to express than to expect. Nobody knows what’s on your mind. Nobody knows what exactly your feeling is. Let them know, make anything clearer, and make live less complicated

Life is simple if we think is simple. Life is simple if we choose to run it simple.

Have a nice simple day! God bless you all =)

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