Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank You God for Everything =)

Hi bloggie… Long time no see.. Long time no write anything here. I miss you damn so much, hahhaha… I'm so happy that today I could write and share a lil bit story of mine. Finally, there's a little time to write. 

Shortly, I have been working in a property company for about a month. A quite amazing and surprising job for me because my background is from technic, especially food technology. And now, I’m in the PROPERTY field, especially apartment. All things seem so new to me. A quite challenging, sometimes boring, sometimes exciting, and a lot of tired. I also have to work on Saturday and Sunday. What a cruel! But, I learn more and more something new there. Something I have never had before. Learn to speak up, learn to bring out my brave talking to someone we don’t know to, learning about tax, property, and all the property terminology.

Well, actually this is not my dream job. I want to look myself as a designer, whatever kind of designer, whether a fashion designer or a graphic designer. I want to see myself as a writer, an artist, a drama queen =P, a scriptwriter, a boss of my own restaurant or coffee shop, a baker in Germany, a boutique owner, a crazy silly powerful adventurer. There are a lot of dreams inside my mind. My brain goes wild everyday thinking of anything I can do to make it true. But, I’m here in PROPERTY. Let’s just do it. I don’t know how it’s going be in the future. I know I won’t be there forever. Yes, FOR SURE. There will be a time so say goodbye to this property world. But, once again, let’s just do it first. And let GOD to guide my way, preparing all the best. Because I know, all the things happen because of His permission.

Through all the experience, crazy silly new friends, crazy boss to talk with, crazy idea all the days, tears, joys, laugh, sad, boring, meaningless, full spirit, tired, hopeful, hopeless, and all of the new things learnt, I thank God for everything.

Thank you God for the job. I know that there’s billion people outside are hunting for jobs. And I found that I’m the lucky one, coz however and whatever it is, He has sent me a job =)

Thank you God for the family you have given to me. I thank for my sister for every silly talk, silly jokes, and all silly things. Yes, sometimes all we need is someone we can be silly together, right? Thank you God for a very talkative but also the best mother ever. You’re so good, so kind, so care, and also so funny =P. Thank you God for my father, who’s really care to me and teach me all the things about life. Thank you for my uncle, who’s never being tired helping me through all things.

Thank you God for everything. Thank you for the friends surrounds me, for the food, for the healthiness, for every single breathe every day, and for all Your guidance, kindness, and countless bless.

I know that people will never ever feel satisfy. They will keep searching, keep doing, keep finding, and keep producing more and more. It happens to all people, included me. But, however, let’s take a deep breathe, a deep flashback and see how many good things that God had given to us. Let’s take a few minutes and say a little prayer to Him, “Thank you God for everything. I love you, God.” God bless you.


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