Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Schlossplatz at night

Stuttgart, it is an unforgettable city for me. A lot of memory, fun, experience, adventures occurred there. One of the most famous places in Stuttgart is Schlossplatz. It was the second place that I most visited besides the bakery where I worked. At the first day I was in Stuttgart, I did not even notice that Schlossplatz was that famous. And then, I just looked away and prefer to continue my step to go shopping better than pay attention to this place =P. What a stupid me! Several days later, after I knew how famous this place was, I started to take some photos there ^^,

 In this chance, I would like to share the pictures of Stuttgart, especially at night. Enjoy!
This is the famous Schlossplatz, wonderful right? Based on the story from my friend, this was the only building that was not bombed during the second world war. The other palace located at the right and left side were bombed. I have very rare chance to see this Schlossplatz at night since I have to go to sleep very early, even before the sky turned dark in the summer. 

And this is the Koenigsbau, the building opposite the Schlossplatz. I forget the story about this one, whether it was bombed or not. But now, it is a shopping center. There was a lot of people sit at those white chairs during the summer for lunch or slurping ice creammm... Nyumm...

This is the building at the right side of the Schlossplatz. Dunno what kind of building this is. I just passed it through, hehehe... =P

This is the museum near the schlossplatz. It saves and explains the history of Stuttgart. The price to enter this museum is quite cheap. If I don’t wrong, it was around 3.5€ for student last year.  I have never been there even though I have passed this museum many times, hehehe...

That is also the the Schlossplatz too, from the left side. =)

And this Koenigstrasse or King Street (in English). Based on the story of my friend, this place was bombed during the worls war II and then turned into a long street that consist of many shops. It was really a long street. You can shop till you drop ^^. This was my destination during the weekend! Looking for the saled items… =P

That was a little bit story about Schlossplatz, Stuttgart.  Hoaaaa…  How I miss this place… I hope someday I could step on this place again ^^,

If you'd like to visit the Stuttgart, don’t forget to go to this Schlossplatz and its surrounding! =) And sure, I'll be so much envy.. =P

Love you full, Stuttgart =D


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