Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Session

I love photography although my knowledge about photography is zero. My editing skill is even lower than basic. I can't use SLR. I can’t even operating Photoshop T.T, so I use the simpler program to edit my photos. But it doesn’t slow down my spirit to hunt and edit more good pictures. And my target is….. MY SISTER… HOLA!! YUHUUUU…

Although the photo session was quite tiring, but I quite satisfied with the results. With my limited editing skill, here it is the pictures of her! Hope you like it =)

-simple and chic-

-shiny grid-

This is my favorite one!! =) So natural ^^,

-simply stylish-

-shampoo girl-

-let's learn!-


That's all about the photos. I welcome any comments for the improvements. It will be my pleasure if somebody like to share some photography and editing skill or together learn the photography, hehehe... =)

Have a nice day. ^^,


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