Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Letter to "Public Smokers"

Dear, public smokers,

I think that you’ve already known that life is harder and more stressful nowadays. Yes, you know... Work, money, study, and future have supported many people to feel more stress. Problems and difficulty that come one another had encouraged people to posses higher emotion and tension. Besides that, the problems don’t only come from inside, but also from the environment. The environment plays a quite important role in increasing someone's stress level. You could feel the pollution and traffic jam everywhere. You could feel how peevish you are when you’re waiting for the Transjakarta bus to come, when you’re waiting for the red light turns green, and when you can’t even breathe the fresh air because of pollution. I just want to remind you, that life is already pretty hard, before you come. Yes, before you exhale you nasty smoke to this polluted air.

So, let me just explain how I feel today. How I couldn’t breathe at all during my way home in the public transportation called mikrolet. As usual, I took the mikrolet to reach my house. This mikrolet doesn’t take me home because there’s no line for mikrolet direct to my house. The shortest and the most comfortable place that this mikrolet could reach is Golden Trully, a mall near from my house. During my way to Golden Trully, I couldn’t breathe because someone without feeling sorry was smoking there. You should know how hard I try to find fresh air there. First, my nose and lungs must compete with your smoke to get the fresh air. After that, they have to again compete with the CO (carbon monoxide) from the muffler still with the same aim: to get the fresh air. You should know how hard I withhold my emotion for not directly scold at you at the moment! See! You’ve made this life is even harder. I’ve told you already!

If you argue that there’s no rule that someone is not allowed to smoke in the public transportation, then I say, yes...  Yes, that is no prohibition to smoke in public transportation. But, it’s not fair that the people who don’t smoke must unconditionally get the extra smelly poisonous smoke to breathe in. Don’t you ever think that you have already aggrieved them? Just feel how you feel if you’re in their position!

I called this kind of person as “public smokers.” It is the nickname for the ones who love to smoke unconditionally in public place, such as in public transportation, in the street, or everywhere except their own home, their own room. This letter is officially presented to you. If you want to die soon by dating your cigarettes all day long, it’s definitely up to you. But please... Never incorporate me and any other person to join your holy plan. If you’d like to smoke alone in your room, it’s up to you. As long as you don’t aggrieve other person, it is really exactly up to you...

And I think you should also know something.  I’m might not the only one that hate your cigarette’s smoke. Out there, I’m sure that there are many silent voices that hate that smoke even more than me. Listen, they don’t hate you. They hate the smoke you’ve exhaled. They hate you’ve poisoned them with your smoke. They have your attitude that smoke in the public places and your great effort to increase pollution. But, deep inside their heart, they care of you. That’s why they wish that you take care of your health by stop smoking. They wish you could stop poisoning other people by your smoke. Let us live together peacefully without cigarettes.

I’ve watched a video from my friend’s facebook and based on that video (, smoking (if you do it right) could reduce your age by half. So, let’s assume that your life in this earth is 60 years and by smoking right, your age will be cut by a BIG DISCOUNT 50% and now your existence in this world is only 30 years old and then you have to unavoidably say goodbye to this world. Then, I ask you now. Would you? Are you ready?

If you confidently say yes, then you can just go on dating with your cigarettes. That’s your life, you can take any decision you want. But, If you say no and want to live longer, forget your cigarettes, throw it away, and promise you’ll never come back to it..

Good luck public smokers...

NB: You may tell your friend (private smokers). They might need this information...

Good luck for you both... GBU =)


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