Thursday, December 29, 2011

FOR SOME CASES... There’s NO RIGHT TIME to do something...

So, before I continue my writing about that, I’m gonna make a little bit explanation about this title. I don’t want to be accused of doing some kind of deceit to you. Just like a shopping center that said, “SALE 50%” and followed by a very small information at the corner of the paper/banner ,”Terms and condition applied” or “after the second or third purchase” or something like that. So, here I write it, with a capital letter.FOR SOME CASES... There’s NO RIGHT TIME to do something... Yeah.. The sentence,” There’s NO RIGHT TIME to do something is right for some cases. Not all... Ok??

So, let me give a little explanation as my responsibility by stating those sentences. Sometimes, there’s really no right time to do something. How many of us those always think like this?

“Yeah, I’m gonna do it after I graduate from my senior high school!”

“I will do it later after I married.”

“I will do it when I finished my work at this office... “

And another bla bla bla.....

I don’t say that I have never do that, but now I try to throw this kind of thinking away.. It pretty doesn’t work.. Sometimes, all we have to do is... JUST DO IT... If we wait until a time when WE THINK IT’S A RIGHT TIME... It maybe doesn’t work... And most of them really don’t work. At the end of the time we got nothing! And what we have to do is nothing!

Why? Why I said that, most of them don’t work? It is simply because we don’t know what will be happened in the future. When, future comes, you may have another reason that make you can’t fulfill what you want to do.. So, if you are able to do it now, why don’t we wait until later, später (German language for later), or whatever?

So, now.. Let’s see the continuance of those examples above...

“No.. I can’t take some music course, because now I’m so busy with my university’s tasks..”

“No, I can’t build my own business because now I’m I have already married, I have responsibility to take care my children and my family..”

“No, I can’t do it because now, I have already too old to do some adventures... I have no more energy to do that.”

So, listen.. If we think that we will have more time later in the future.. YOU’RE WRONG!! We will be busier. As we get older, we have more things to do. What we have to do is take time to do it... Today, tomorrow, and until forever our time will always 24 hours a day, 60 minutes/hour, 60 seconds/minute. It won't be more than that! So, why do we think to do it later if the amount of time that we have won't change?

So, now, when we still have time, when we are still young, when our body is still able to do that, just do whatever you want to do.. It’s never being too fast or too early. Time won’t wait for you. We also never know how long we’ll gonna still live in this world... Maybe until 50, 30, or even 20! It could be happened! So, before your time is up, make sure you have done what you want to do in this life.

But please be wise in interpret this condition. It doesn't mean you are permitted to play football or playing games 24 hours a day and doesn't think about your job... I think it's a kind of crazy! Yeah, I hope finally we can differentiate those kinds of cases. Just be enthusiastic but don’t be crazy! 

Sometimes, we don’t need to wait until the right time comes, just work with it.. Just perform! Let us be wise in using our time... With the hard work and pray, I wish that all of our dreams will be come true... =) Have a nice day^^, GBU

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.
-Roger Babson-

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