Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lesson from Breaking Dawn

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Today, I am watching Breaking Dawn with my friends.. In my opinion, it’s not really good, but also not bad.. There is still something I can learn from that film. Yeah I know, most of the film is about their honeymoon. But, that’s not my point. It’s about life and it’s about making decision.

In this film, Bella got pregnant after she married with Edward. Most of the Cullen’s family called the baby in her uterus is a “thing”. It’s like a dangerous thing that could take her breath away because it growed and took all the nutrition and blood from it’s mother so fast. Briefly, it’s like a baby vampire beacuse it is the offspring of a vampire. I don’t mean to name that baby as a ’thing’ too. But, somehow, it is easier to be written, so I just called it  a ‘thing’.

Actually, Cullen’s family had told to her to just abort this fetus. But, she don’t want to do it. Even though it could endanger her life, she took all the risk and choose to let the fetus grow. Briefly, she took that decision with all of the risks.

Finally, time to give birth come. In the conscious condition, her stomach was opened and the baby savely born to this earth. But, Bella is in danger... I don’t know, it’s right or wrong. But, I think she was dead. Then, Edward took decision to make Bella into a vampire by biting her. He just wanna make her immortal by turn her into vampire. It is simply because he don’t wanna lose her.

In this story, I just wanna say. We, as a human, will always facing a lot of decision all the day. And we are the one who responsible about that, about our own life. Maybe all the world could say no, but if we say yes, that won’t be a big problem. In this life, we don’t have to be the same with the other. Take decision, take a risk. Whatever it is, it’s our life. Just choose what you wanna choose and be what you wanna be based on something that we believed to.

Bella, even tough she knew that that fetus will kill her, but she  took decision to give birth her baby because she wanted to. She took all the risks, whathever they were. The question is.. Are you brave enough to make decision based on your own? Don’t care whatever people will think about it and even all the worlds say no to you. Are you brave enough to take the risk? Sometimes we can easily make decision, but we don’t want to take a risk.

In this life, especially in taking decision, there is no right and no wrong. We will never know what will be happened and no one can see it. You know that someting right or wrong after you feel and go into it.  I have a very good quotes about this.

Yeah, I’m agree. Make decision. Make mistakes. If you fall, at least you tried!!!
Have a nice day bro ^^, 


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